We are a boutique consulting firm with a team of reliable advisors, made up of directors and professionals who are experts in strategy, organisation and people. We design and implement simple, effective and custom solutions, aimed at the growth and positive transformation of both organisations and people.

From combining the words ‘sky’ and ‘eye’, The Skeye is a play on words that reflects our main objective: to guide and help companies find and apply clear solutions.

“With clarity in our proposals, your team and your organisation know the destination. With strategic clarity, you know the path to reach your goals. With clarity in managing people, everyone arrives together. Our clients define their destination and we provide them with strategic clarity and the people they need to reach their goals.”







Our vision and experience as directors and professionals lets us understand and take great care of the complexity of each organisation and how people experience it and are affected. Thus ensures that we provide the very best custom service throughout the advisory process.

Managing Partner

Toni Sole

Bachelor of Law and Business from IESE CEO Programme at IESE, Master of Organisational Development from URL and GR Institute in Tel Aviv. He has led HR departments at companies like Kellogg’s, Port Aventura, United Biscuits, Kraft, Vueling and Bodegas Torres. His education includes specific training on change management and mergers & acquisitions at centres including Henley and Ashridge in London.
Managing Partner

Cristina Rodríguez Agudín

Bachelor of Psychology. Executive Programme for Senior Management at ESADE. Cristina has 20 plus years of experience, primarily at FCC and Accenture, in the field of multinational HR and as a business owner. Her career has focused on improving the performance of organisations’ critical groups (senior management, management teams, commercial division…), associated with strategic and organisational changes.
Managing Partner

Natàlia Segura

Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Health Psychology from the URV. She holds certification as an executive coach from the European Coaching School. Natàlia brings over 20 years of experience in end-company HR to The Skeye. Meriting mention are her 12 years as Development and Selection Manager at Port Aventura. For five plus years, she also performed the same functions within the talent development area at Catalunya Caixa. She has been a lecturer at the URV and in the Master of HR Management at several schools and universities, including the MBA programmes at URV and IESE. Natàlia is an expert in human resources, financial services, leisure and tourism.
Managing Partner for Consultancy

Olga Pla

Industrial Engineer and Executive Development Programme from IESE. She has 15 plus years of experience in corporate management, organisation and management oversight at companies including Hill International and Accenture. Olga has led integration, organisational growth, company strategy implementation and value development projects on several steering committees.
Project Manager and Senior HRBP

Yolanda Javierre

Bachelors of Geography and History from the University of Barcelona. Organisation and HR Management from ESADE. She started her career as the HR manager at Aiscondel. She has 25 plus years of experience in HR management at several companies, including Givaudan, Recticel and Bacardi.
Consultant and Executive Coach

Aida Jurado

Bachelor of Psychology. Master of Advanced HR Management from ESADE. Postgraduate in Organisational Development from the GR Institute in Tel Aviv. She holds certification as an executive and team coach from the European Coaching School, a member of the International Coach Federation. Aida has been an HR Director at multinational IT and consumer goods companies. She has a long career in coaching processes and assisting and advising working teams using coaching.
Project Manager and Senior HRBP

Josep Lluís Berengué

Bachelor of Business Administration. Master of HR Organisation and Management. A professional with a generalist vision and extensive experience in HR management at both family companies and multinationals. He brings 20 plus years of experience at different companies to The Skeye, and has led change projects, growth, organisational development and team management projects.
Project Manager and Senior HRBP

Javier Fañanás

Bachelor of Chemical Sciences and Executive Development Programme from IESE. Human Resources Director with over 20 years of experience. Javier has run HR departments at companies including Fedefarma, Lear Corportion, PepsiCo, Watson Wyatt and Dow Chemical.
Senior HRBP and Executive Coach

Inés Horcas

Degree in Labour Relations. Master of HR Management from EADA. Coaching training at CTI and CRR Global. She has 20 plus years of experience in HR and OSH management in the automobile sector at Grammer and healthcare at Siemens. Inés has led organisational, structural and acquisition changes, negotiating with a wide range of company committees.
Senior Consultant

Lidia Paredes

Degree in Labour Relations from the University of Barcelona and Postgraduate in HR Management from EADA. She has 12 plus years of experience in director search and selection processes. Lidia is an expert in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer, industrial and automobile sectors.
Senior Consultant

Edel Arguedas

Bachelors of Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Barcelona. She has 15 plus years of experience in director search and selection processes. Edel is an expert in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial and retail sectors.

Eva Moyano

Degree in Psychology from URV. Master of HR Management from EAE. Eva brings her extensive experience at multinationals as a regional selection manager to The Skeye, leading cross-cutting human resources projects focused on maximising employer branding and the candidate experience.
Associate director

Laura Meseguer

Bachelor of Psychology and Master of HR Management and MBA. She has over 20 years of experience in end company HR consulting as HR director to The Skeye. Laura is an expert in management by skills: management audits, assessment centre, career planning and succession.

Judith Queralt

Degree in Labor Relations, Master of Human Resources Management from EAE, Higher Technical in PRL from UPD, extensive experience in HR management, RRLL and PRL.
She brings more than 20 years of experience in the area of management and people management, being part of Management Committees, implementing and leading organizational, structural and generational changes, in several sectors such as hospitality, industry and energy services.
Senior consultant

Sandra O’Kelly

Bachelor of Organizational Psychology, Executive Master in Human Resources Management from EADA. Executive Coach by the European School of Coaching and Team Coach ORSC certification (Fundamentals). Certified in DISC and Motivators by TTI INSIGHTS. She brings more than 15 years of experience on consulting projects in Human Resources for medium and large companies, executive coaching programs, development programs and also an extensive experience in the search for managerial profiles and middle managers.

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At The Skeye we are always seeking new talent, both in HRBP and HR managers, as well as researchers / consultants, experts in executive search and selection, and senior consultants in managerial organisation.

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In addition to our permanent team, at The Skeye we have the best collaborators in a wide range of professional fields, with the aim of ensuring and meeting the specific needs of all of our clients and, thus, providing the very best service.

Our partner:

Sagardoy Abogados – Partner

One of the most prestigious law firms specialising in labour law, employee benefits, pensions and social security in Spain.

Our permanent alliances and partners include:


Global consulting leader with whom we collaborate, especially for tax advisory services and international remunerations.

Atos Origin

French multinational company specialising in high technology, unified communications, the cloud, big data and cybersecurity consulting.


One of the leading companies in Spain in developing native mobile apps for companies, both iOS and Android.